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11 Things That 5 Days Without Electricity Taught Me

Not even the Wizard of Menlow Park could discover what I did.

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1. Wi-Fi Does Not Need To Run Through Your Veins 24/7

I did so many things I ordinarily wouldn't have just because my computer was out of commission. Get out there, do something new, get out from behind the computer.

2. There Are New and Interesting Places Right Outside Your Door

I found a few great little mom and pop coffee shops that are rich in the culture of the town I live in, in addition to a great caramel machiato. I also rode my bike on one of Ohio U's awesome trails. Look around you, life happens when you're not watching.

4. There's Always Room for Enlightenment

I woke up earlier and earlier every day because I just let the sun in. Usually I close my shades and use the lights in my room but since there was no electricity I had to leave them open. So one morning some friends and I got together with some of our acting mentors and did some early morning sound therapy. I never felt lighter, happier and more connected to myself. Y'all should try it.

5. Spending Time In Silence is Not as Scary as You Think

Without the ambient buzzing of an iPhone or the dulcet tones of Netflix there's a lot of room to really hear yourself. No matter how hectic life gets, there's always room to turn everything off and tune out. I actually heard birds singing to each other, and man it was cliche but beautiful.

6. Working Out Is Not Over-rated

I've never gone to the gym more in one week than I did when I didn't have power. Despite all of our reservations about working out its a great mood booster and really does wonders for the psyche. The most fun physical things I did were outdoors. Paddle boating with a friend, riding my bike in the rain...these are the experiences that make life unpredictably fun. I think i'll make a habit out of it. That's what they all say right?

7. Talking to People In Person is The Best Way To Talk

Without the convenient smokescreen of a phone or laptop we are free to be more honest. This makes connecting with friends, family and strangers more fulfilling and easier too. Get out there and be someone!

8. Your Pet Deserves More Attention

When we're plugged in all the time its easy to ignore the people and in this case animals we love most. So play with your cat/dog/parrot/capybara damn it! These critters long for your affection, and life's too short to ignore that.

9. Lighting Up Those Overpriced Candles You Bought For No Reason Can Be Rewarding

Well, its nice to get some use out of the things you buy from Bath and Body Works on impulse. And the scents are calming, the soft light is nurturing and you can party like its 1899 for God's sake! Light em up!

11. You Are Not Your iPhone, Laptop or Social Media Presence: You are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world.

Yeah, Tyler Durden reference aside you are your own person! Go out and experience the world. Don't spend your days pining over instagram followers and likes on statuses. There are real people out there waiting to be met, experiences waiting to be had, and lives waiting to be lived. Don't die out in front of a screen. Don't wait for the electric company to cut your power. Do it yourself.

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