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20 Top Alternative Bands To Listen To Before You Die

Being normal is boring . Why listen to the system and pop ? When you can be whoever the fuck you want to be and rock out to the craziest shit. In the words of Bille Joe "I'm not fucking Justin Bieber, you mother fucker!"

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3. Forever in combat

Starting on youtube under the name "forever in combat/shittycovers69" . They have covers which are just perfect some are even better than the originals ! They released their first album and it's just perfect . I would strongly recommend "Break of dawn".

4. Of mice & men

Started in 2009 , ever since I've loved every single album of theirs. They have two vocalists . Austin and Aaron , they make the perfect combination . Austins harsh screams with Aaron's soft voice makes for great songs. I would recommend " the depths , bones exposed and would you still be there ".

5. Green day

They're early stuff to their new stuff . All AMAZING !!! Yes , the earlier stuff is true punk rock and they're older stuff is pop punk . But I would strongly recommend " East Jesus nowhere, Kill the DJ, minority,basket case and Brain stew". Also check out "Dookie" it's they're best album ever.

6. Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence is a deathcore group and they're 100% amazing . Sadly the lead singer Mitch Lucker died in 2012. R.I.P legends never dies. But the band still continues with their new vocalist Eddy. Their earlier stuff is better . Eddy is really good but no on can ever replace Mitch to be honest. Good songs of their's is "You only live once and disengage ".

7. Nirvana

Amazing band ! Sadly they don't make music anymore due to Kurt Cobain's death at they young age of 27 , he will never be the forgotten though. They're best songs are "Smells like teen spirit , rape me and territorial pissings". Also if you do like the music , I would recommend looking into Kurt Cobain's background he was a really amazing character .

13. Sleeping with sirens

Is a post hardcore band . They have tremendous talent . Their best songs are " Do it now remember later, kick me and Go go go " . You should also check out their new album "Madness" because it's amazing.

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