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    25 Replies That Are Way Funnier Than The Original Joke

    If you thought a surfing horse couldn't get any better, just wait.

    1. This defeated response:

    2. This response that really speaks to me:

    3. This perfect example:

    4. These great surfing horse jokes:

    5. This calm explanation:

    6. This super-correct information with definitely no ulterior motive:

    7. This escalation:

    8. This new thinkpiece:

    9. This perfect comeback:

    10. This unsettling but understandable reply:

    11. This conversation that I have with the void on a daily basis:

    12. This power move:

    13. This hot new product:

    14. This skillful trickery:

    15. This line that could be romantic if you squint:

    16. This reasonable amendment:

    17. This fantastic play on words:

    18. This joke that's "pretty good thanks":

    19. This mint situation:

    20. This interaction that you're going to have to look at the usernames to understand:

    21. This invitation that couldn't possibly go wrong:

    22. This general confusion:

    23. This philosophical discussion:

    24. This important question:

    25. And finally, this incredible image: