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23 Itty-Bitty Details From Movies That Are Too Genius To Go Unrecognized

Stan Lee is still making cameos in Marvel movies after all.

1. Actors Adam Scott and Jon Hamm are credited as writers for KVWN in Anchorman.

2. Ego finally opens the blinds in his office to let light in after eating Remy's ratatouille in Ratatouille.

3. In Red Notice, Booth's boat is named after the line in Titanic, "We're gonna make it, Rose."

4. A skateboard in It Chapter Two has the same pattern as the carpet in The Shining.

Here's the carpet from The Shining for reference:

The geometric carpet in The Shining

5. "The Conscience of a Hacker," also known as "The Hacker Manifesto," is hanging up in Mark's room in The Social Network while he's hacking.

6. There's an _Open Season _poster in Arthur Christmas; the movies are made by the same studio.

7. There's an E.T. doll in the Steven Spielberg–produced movie Gremlins.

8. The directors of Moana appear as caricatures on a blanket in the movie.

9. The birth certificate that pops up on the computer in The Game belongs to Agent J from Men in Black.

10. The high score on Wreck-It Ralph is 120,501, Walt Disney's birthday.

11. At the end of Toy Story, Mr. Spell writes, "Hubba hubba," as Mrs. Potatohead is being announced.

12. In the camera shot where Elsa hands the Holy Grail to Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you can see her shake her head subtly to Indy behind the grail to let him know it's fake.

13. The fishbowl that Guy greets every morning in Free Guy is a nod to Millie and Key's Life Itself being designed as a "fishbowl game."

14. In Polar Express, they used the director's childhood address for Billy's house, and the house itself is modeled after another house in the neighborhood.

House in The Polar Express

15. In Interstellar, Murphy's bookshelf is filled with books that inspired the movie itself.

16. There's a magazine with Stan Lee on the cover in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Stan Lee on a magazine cover in a bodega

17. In The Santa Clause, Scott weighs 192 pounds when he steps on a scale, a reference to the "Christmas Song" lyric, "To kids from 1 to 92."

18. The detective in the TV show Marta's sister watches in Knives Out is voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

19. Flash reads a BuzzFeed (nice) article in Spider-Man: Far From Home that claims "there's a sailor named Morris Bench who was exposed to an experimental underwater generator and got hydro powers," which is the origin story of Hydro-Man, a Spider-Man villain from the comics.

20. The name that the young scientist signs in Stardust is actually the name of the actor.

21. A blackboard in the movie Catch Me if You Can says, "Steven + Tom's 4th project," referencing the fact that it's Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks's fourth time working together.

Technically, this is their fifth project together if you count every Spielberg-produced film and the miniseries Band of Brothers, but it seems likely that they're counting differently.

22. In the attic in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, there's an "It's a boy!" sign stuck between some beams from Rusty's birth.

23. And finally, a mailbox in Soul appears to be vandalized by Sid from Toy Story.

What's your favorite tiny detail in a movie? Let us know in the comments!