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    We Should Invest In These 21 Wild Million-Dollar Ideas From Tumblr

    Vague Magazine. Like Vogue, but blurrier.

    1. This next-level X Factor:

    2. This keyboard idea that I think should replace the backslash (\):

    3. This outstanding Met Gala idea:

    4. This idea that could outshine the Olympics:

    5. This James Bond movie that would destroy box office records:

    6. This reality TV show that I would absolutely watch:

    7. This idea that I'm going to DM to the CEO of Disney:

    8. This pitch that I'm taking straight to Condé Nast:

    9. This quantum physics proposal:

    10. This idea I don't even need to send to the NSA because they've already seen it:

    11. This accessory that's been waiting to star in a Shakespeare production:

    12. This simple proposal that makes a great point:

    13. This button that would make social media a little more bearable:

    14. This idea for how to finally make football fun:

    15. This haunting I'd gladly endure:

    16. This Super Smash Bros. competitor:

    17. This idea that perfectly identifies the best part of burning a candle:

    18. This ultimate fan test:

    19. This iconic movie pitch that I'd love to see on the big screen:

    20. This wholesome TV subversion:

    21. And finally, this invention that just needs a little more research to work perfectly: