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What Are Your Unpopular "Midnights" Opinions?

The 3 a.m. tracks should have been on the original album.

Midnights is here, and even though our expectations were high, Taylor Swift still exceeded them. But I want to know if you have any controversial opinions about this album that you're afraid to share with the greater Swiftie community.

Like, maybe you think "Maroon" deserved to be the lead single instead of "Anti-Hero."

Perhaps you were expecting "Karma" to have a punk feel and were disappointed to see a pop song end all the Karma album conspiracies.

Or, maybe you really enjoy these shorter Taylor albums (like Evermore and Midnights) and hope she switches permanently to frequent, short albums instead of big albums every two years.

Comment below with your unpopular Midnights opinions, and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.