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    • teslima

      You guys are kidding right? Through out this whole interview, Reza keeps on going back to the fact that he is a credible source, although he is a Muslim, even though not that many of the questions force him towards defending himself. She does being with her job by questioning his credibility and yes, it is her job, but as she moves on she starts to add more and more general questions. Her second question wasn’t even really answered. Yes its your “job” but what drove you, Reza, to talk about Jesus instead of Muhammad? Even his rebuttal “its like asking a Christian why they would write a book about Islam” Yes, that’s exactly the point. Why? What about the question that asks what the Islamic differences in belief of Jesus are. He talks about how they are the same. Yes this interview is disgusting, but that’s because they both suck at one: asking the right questions and two: not even answering questions. I really did hate this because all Reza did was turn the whole thing on its head forcing claims that he is not credible.

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