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    People Are Calling Tim McGraw's Massive Christmas Tree "Dangerous" And...You Just Have To See It For Yourself

    Where does one find a Christmas tree this big?!

    The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has some serious competition, y'all.

    Earlier this week, Tim McGraw shared a photo of himself decorating his gigantic Christmas tree, and I am in awe:

    In the same IG post, the country star revealed another angle, calling himself "Santa's lead flying reindeer."

    Tim McGraw standing on a ladder, decorating a massive Christmas tree
    Tim McGraw / Via

    It's the ladder for me. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about climbing that high.

    Giphy / Via

    I wasn't the only one who was getting anxiety looking at Tim's tree. "Wow! Dangerous, but beyond gorgeous!!" one fan wrote.

    Tim McGraw / Via

    "This is definitely not safe but absolutely stunning tree," another commented.

    Tim McGraw / Via

    Others said that it belonged at the Rockefeller Center and not inside a house:

    A comment that reads: The Rockefeller Center called, they want their tree back, Tim
    Tim McGraw / Via

    Meanwhile, Tim hinted that his wife, fellow country singer Faith Hill, wasn't too fond of their giant tree, either. "Wife trying to get rid of me before Christmas," he joked.

    Tim, in a dark suit, and Faith, in a dress with a puffy mid section at a red carpet event
    Jason Davis / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    It looks as if Tim really likes to get into the Christmas spirit. He also posted a video of Faith singing "Where Are You Christmas?" writing, "It’s that time of year….my favorite!!"

    We could all use a little more cheer this year, so I say let Tim have his humongous Christmas tree — even if it wouldn't fit inside my tiny New York City apartment.

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