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15 SpongeBob "Ight I'mma Head Out" Memes That Have Me Laughing So Hard My Cheeks Hurt

He's baaaack. 😂

It goes without saying that SpongeBob has become the unofficial king of memes on the internet. Now, there's a new viral meme featuring the beloved cartoon character that I can't get enough of.

The new memes insert SpongeBob into real-life awkward situations where he has to see himself out, and it's all hilariously relatable. 😂 Ahead are the best I've seen on my social feeds (so far):


when you sneeze & someone says ”bless you” but you’re home alone


Me: *born* My Dad: https://t.co/zjTmH30dl7


When her son start throwing toy cars at you


when you eat 3 plates at a BBQ and some random guy says “ who tf know this guy?”


Quiet white kid: I’M SICK OF THIS SHIT Me:


Teacher:”ok class today we’re gonna be doing group work” my antisocial ass self:


“My mom said you can stay but you gotta go to church with us tomorrow” Me: https://t.co/QvyODzo5Xu