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I Am Grinding My Teeth At Sharon Osbourne's Tone-Deaf Comments About Adele's Viral Instagram Photo

Please be quiet, Sharon.

Don't you just love when all of sudden people become experts on nutrition and psychology when someone gains or loses weight?


*I'm being sarcastic. I hate that shit and people should stop doing it.

On Tuesday, Sharon Osbourne and the other ladies of The Talk weighed in on Adele's recent Instagram photo, which went viral and sparked a debate about body image.

The 67-year-old praised Adele, saying she looks "absolutely fantastic," and went on to say she doesn't believe "really big women" are "really happy in their body."

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"Because I was really, really big [once] and I wasn't happy," Sharon continued. "Sure, on the surface, ha, ha, but at night, in bed, alone, I was very unhappy," she said.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

In 1999, Sharon underwent gastric band surgery, which helped her lose 100 pounds. She had the band removed in 2006.

"I am happy for [Adele] and everybody should be happy for her, because it was her choice. She didn’t do it for anybody else but herself. And so everybody should be happy for her," Sharon added.

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She also said, "It was her time to lose weight" and that the "Hello" singer "Must have felt, 'You know what, I'm going try to lose some weight.' For whatever reason, health, I'm sure."

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What Sharon obviously didn't take into consideration is the reason why some "bigger" people feel "unhappy," and blanket statements like hers don't help at all.


As a society, people tend to make bigger people feel bad about their size. Rarely do people wake up and just think, The body type I have is wrong. That is taught through media telling us what size we should be or through other people's remarks and/or mistreatment.

So unless she wants to get real and have THAT conversation, please, be quiet Sharon.


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