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    People Are Sharing Memes Of Scarlett Johansson Dancing And It's The Funniest Thing On The Internet Right Now

    Can't. Stop. Dancing. 💃🏼

    ICYMI: Scarlett Johansson has a dance scene in her new Netflix movie, Marriage Story, and that's pretty much all you need to know to understand this hilarious new meme:

    A celebration of love. #MarriageStory is now on @Netflix.

    People have been sharing their hilarious takes on her dance moves, and I can't stop laughing. Check out some of the funniest memes ahead:


    "This medicine may cause death" The people in the ad:


    Emma from nyu when the bodega man remembers her name


    when there’s a sale on live laugh love signs


    the lower class citizens downstairs on the titanic unaware the boat is sinking


    Me after successfully using my white woman voice to get my way on the phone


    5.8M views for her fancam damn


    My organs when I drink a glass of water


    How white women dance after calling the police on people minding their business


    me when the Grindr guy leaves and I can let out a series of loud farts that I’ve been holding for 12 hours


    me coming back to the dancefloor after throwing up in the bathroom




    Scarlett Johansson bailando: el intro de Succession


    white women after they cry and complain about their starbucks order and leave with two free drinks


    the r*publicans in school after they start a discussion with “i’m just gonna play devils advocate”


    mood rn: scarlett johansson dancing, smile, hands up in the air, sets it back down, looks up, smile, back up in the air, white? puts back hands in the air, feels neck, hand on neck, laugh, dance, hands back in the air, shoulder move, in movie, divorce, hands back up-


    ever since i saw someone said that white people dance like they’re summoning rain i can’t look at this clip the same way again


    Mom: “Hey are you okay? Me: “Yeah…why?” Mom: “Well you’ve been dancing like Scarlett Johansson in that movie for 20mins.” Me:


    Look at this tree swaying in the breeze. Crazy how it moves like that 😒


    me watching the bird app roast scarlett johansson for dancing in marriage story knowing damn well thats how my white ass moves


    I was dancing to Hilary Duff but had to stop because I realized I dance like Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story


    I fucking hate that video of Scarlett Johansson dancing in Marriage Story because I know that's exactly how I dance but worse

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