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    Jared Leto Dressed Up As Joe Exotic From "Tiger King" And I Want To Pet His Big Cat

    Jared's a cool cat.

    Everyone's obsessed with Netflix's newest limited series, Tiger King.

    Everyone, including Jared Leto!

    On Thursday, the actor live-tweeted the first episode of the show while socially distancing at home like the rest of us:

    But he didn't stop there. The 48-year-old dressed up as Joe Exotic, the former zoo operator the docuseries revolves around.

    If anyone could make cowboy-meets-zookeeper look chic, it's Jared fucking Leto.

    Jared started out by promising to take his 4.4 million followers on a "wild ride" with his live tweets:

    For the record I’ve seen the entire series. Hold on to your 🤠 and get ready for a wild 🐯 ride. 😳😳😳😂😂😂😂

    He gave Joe a shoutout for keeping fringe in style:

    Thanks to joe for keeping fringe alive 🕺🏻

    Exhibit A:

    The actor paid close to attention to every detail...

    I saw that tiger just bite his finger 👁👁👁

    Including the moment Shaquille O'Neal made a random appearance at Joe Exotic's zoo to take photos with some wild animals...

    I mean for @shaq a tiger IS basically a house cat... 🤔🤔🤔

    ...and this "WTF" quote from a cashier at the gun store:

    “Do you need any explosives today” 😳😳#tigerking @netflix

    Jared recognized one of the shirts Joe wore in a scene:

    I swear to god I wore that shirt on tour @Gucci @30secondtomars

    But it was the ex-zookeeper's hair that kept Jared tuned in:

    I’m not gonna lie I’m into that hair

    I mean, how could you not be a fan???

    As a fashion icon himself, Jared was mainly here for the lewks:

    Can someone send me that turquoise necklace?

    He was digging Carole Baskin's pink bohemian shirt so much that he pulled out the receipts to prove he once wore something similar:

    Don't worry — Jared acknowledged Joe's country bops as well. The Thirty Seconds to Mars musician dubbed "I Saw A Tiger" a "YouTube classic."

    Maybe a YouTube classic?

    He loved it so much he thought he should cover it with Finneas:

    I swear to god I love that song #isawatiger SHOULD WE COVER THIS?? @finneas

    All jokes aside, Jared pointed out the importance of protecting endangered animals and their natural habitats:

    For the record no one should keep these animals in cages like this. Not ok. We need to protect exotic / endangered animals and their wild habitats @WWF

    In the end, Jared said his mind was "blown again."

    Wow. Mind blown again - end of episode one. Masterful direction and great job to all involved with the production!!! #TigerKing @netlix

    Literally me, after watching the first episode as well.

    I say Jared should continue doing viewing parties on Twitter while we're all stuck in quarantine. Just as long as he brings his stuffed lion with him, amirite?


    An earlier version of this post misstated the stuffed animal Jared is holding in his photos.