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Billie Eilish's Reaction To Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Has Set Twitter On Fire And I Need Everyone To Calm TF Down


Do you remember Lady Gaga's meat dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?

JK, of course you do! The outfit has become one of the biggest pop culture ~moments~ of this decade.

Anyway, Billie Eilish recently did an interview with Variety and Gaga's meat dress was brought up.

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(Skip to 3:15 for the moment you came to see.)

"Yiiiikessss," Billie — a noted vegan — said when her brother, Finneas, asked if the "Bad Romance" singer wore the dress to the Grammys. Billie also made these faces:

Apparently, Gaga fans (aka Little Monsters) took that as a diss and started the hashtag #BillieEilishIsOverParty on Twitter:

@billieeilish listen you rat, never dare to disrespect the lord again, RAT #BILLIEEILISHISOVERPARTY

@billieeilish this is wat u get when u disrespect our queen of this decade u hoe. Little Monsters ended you! #BillieEilishIsOverParty

This fan went as far as providing context for Gaga's iconic dress:

I can’t believe Billie is homophobic y’all #BillieEilishIsOverParty

I, for one, did not know the dress was a metaphor for LGBTQ equality.

However, most people were quick to defend Billie, with many pointing out the fact that she is vegan, so her reaction to a meat dress would make a lot of sense 🤷🏾‍♂️:

Y'all really expect Billie (a vegan) to say anything other than yikes at the meat dress?? Wild. #BillieEilishisoverparty

So let me get this straight. Billie Eilish, a known vegan, didn't like Lady Gaga's meat dress? #BillieEilishisoverparty

Other users made jokes about Gaga fans being so upset:

Billie: *thinks the meat dress was weird* Gaga stans: #BillieEilishisoverparty

#billieeilishisoverparty okay

To be fair, some Little Monsters did come to Billie's defense as well:

Dude I've been a Gaga fan since the beginning. & even I'm not mad at Billie Eilish. Y'all are just sad for trying to cancel a 17 year old VEGAN for her own opinions/beliefs. Like you think Gaga was bothered by all the opinions back then, let alone now? #BillieEilishisoverparty

Pretty much, it was all a shit show. Anyone who saw the hashtag probably had this same reaction:

I rlly thought billie did sumn bad and got scared but it's really just people throwing a fit over an opinion about a meat dress #BillieEilishisoverparty

What do you think about Gaga fans trying to "cancel" Billie over her reaction to Gaga's meat dress? Tell me in the comments.