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  • Terry Aley is selling 5000 vintage style collage “pop art” on auction site eBay.com.

    In an epic event that will likely span several years, Arizona artist Terry Aley is selling vintage style collage “pop art” on auction site eBay.com. The event is ongoing and begins the first week of February, 2012. To locate the artwork for sale, type in “Terry Aley” into the eBay search field. The works of art are mixed media, combining techniques from collage, retro pop advertising, abstract/expressionism paint application and short phrases. In other words, anything goes. Each piece of artwork is signed on the back, original, and is named by a number from 1 to 5,000. This makes it easy for a collector to know where a particular piece of artwork falls in the series, #1 obviously being the first created. While auction site eBay is in fact the world’s largest art market, it typically gets little media coverage in the Arts sections of most newspapers and magazines. (Now’s your chance to talk about it!) A recent search for the term “art” on eBay brought up 3,752,690 results. Why 5,000? “I was initially planning on a target of 1,000 paintings. Then I was afraid I’d hit that goal and have to end the event too soon. Going for 5,000 paintings gives me plenty of time to take this series well into the future for several years,” Aley says. “I wanted to do a project that was just pure fun. I’m obsessed with advertising images from the 50s through the 70s, along with collage, pop art and abstracts,” Aley says. “The images I’m using are full of humor and irony, and I think a lot of collectors will really connect to these.” Aley has been selling artwork on eBay since the 1990s, and has sold pieces all over the US and internationally. A portion of proceeds will be donated to various charities through eBay’s Giving Works. This program helps sellers list items on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations. The program is administered by MissionFish, the nonprofit organization selected by eBay to administer the eBay Giving Works program. www.artlisted.org

  • Women Who Look Like Men Trying to Look Like Women – The Manual

    A select group of women have mastered the “Women Who Look Like Men Trying to Look Like Women” look. These gals don’t have what we consider a delicate, classic beauty. But we still love them. Well, some of them anyhow. Linebacker shoulders. Check. Human hair wig collection imported from India. Check. Stiletto epoxy street-walker heel collection, size 16. Check. Names that sound fictitious. Check. Baritone singing voice. Check. Huge gay following. Check. Solid Amazonian bone structure. Check. Lee Press-On Nails. Check. Pageant gowns for everyday wear. Check. Duct tape. Check.

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