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    This Groom Fulfilled His Childhood Dream Of A Wedding On "Back To The Future" Day

    He got married at 4:29 pm on Oct. 21.

    Back to the Future day has come and gone, but what do you really have to show for it?

    "Doc! What the f*ck is a hashtag?!" #BackToTheFuture

    A screening of the movie? A pithy tweet? Come on now, this isn't amateur hour.

    Virginia couple Mark and Raquel MacLeod took their celebration one step further — they got married on Oct. 21 at 4:29 pm, the exact time and date Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to in the sequel.

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    Mark has dreamed of commemorating the cultural touchstone since he was 8.

    Raquel has described their wedding as one between "a couple of nerds," but the meaning behind it is much deeper.

    Courtesy of Mark MacLeod

    Mark told BuzzFeed Life that he's been an enormous fan of the movies for as long as he can remember. He has owns each of the three movies on VHS and DVD, and said he can't count how many times he's watched either of them. Beyond that, the movies played an integral role in his childhood.

    Mark has cerebral palsy, and though he's fully mobile now, he was in a wheelchair as a child. Twenty years ago, with the help of a charitable organization, he traveled to Universal Studios with his family to meet Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Brown. Thomas F. Wilson, who played Biff Tannen in the triology, was also there as a surprise, and the group spent an entire day in the park.

    A high point for Mark was riding the Back to the Future ride with Lloyd "continuously for three hours," while Lloyd quoted the movie.

    Around that time, Mark decided that he would celebrate Oct. 21, 2015, in a special way, but he didn't know how.

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    "As the day approached and my relationship with Raquel progressed and we were talking about our future together, I realized we could get married that day," he told BuzzFeed Life. The couple met while they were working at Busch Gardens together in 2011 and they got engaged last April. "What bigger thing could I do to make that day more memorable and special than getting married on Back to the Future day?"

    He explained the meaning behind his idea to Raquel, and she immediately loved it.

    The Delorean that Mark tracked down just a week before the big day became the centerpiece of their extra-special wedding.

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    Mark said Raquel planned everything for the wedding, and that finding the Delorean was his main task. "Every commercial company that has them was using them for promotional events on that day, so we were posting all over Facebook and Craigslist to find one through a private owner," he said.

    Finally, a friend discovered their professor had a friend who owned one. Mark contacted the owner, who gladly brought it to the celebration.

    The rest of the wedding had more subtle Back to the Future touches.

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    The couple displayed props around the reception and incorporated the movie's font into their wedding cake inscription, and Mark paraphrased a line from the movie in his vows.

    “At the end of my vows, I said, 'To paraphrase Doc Brown, "My future hasn't been written yet, but i want to write it with you,'" Mark said.

    Mark said his only remaining Back to the Future wish is that Christopher Lloyd could see him as a healthy adult.

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    "It's one thing to meet a celebrity when you're younger, but I've aways wanted to get to tell him how much that day meant to me," he said.