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24 Gifts That People Who Love Dachshunds Will Long For

Get it?

1. A tote that perfectly describes every part of a dachshund's body, from snout to tail.

2. A ring that shows how your love for doxies has no end, just like a circle.

3. Dachshund-shaped earplugs for when people just won't stop hounding you.

4. A cute-as-a-button bookmark so you don't have to dog-ear your books.

5. A golden stapler to make your desk look officially adorable.

6. An extra-long toilet paper holder so you'll never have to drip-dry.

7. Corn on the cob holders that'll make you howl with joy.

8. A shirt that leaves no mystery about your favorite activity.

9. A highly-informative mug detailing dachshunds' long list of skills.

10. Salt and pepper shakers that make just the right kind of mess.

11. A hilarious card that Kim Kardashian herself would get a kick out of.

12. A letter organizer to help you sniff our the best way to store all your mail.

13. Throw pillows to make your couch or bed infinitely cuter.

14. A dachshund-shaped ice tray that'll cool down your drinks when you feel like a hot dog.

15. A lamp that'll light up your life as much as dachshunds do.

16. A shirt that announces to the world how powerful you are.

17. A toaster that emblazons your breakfast with a picture of the best kind of sausage.

18. A menorah that proves that dachshunds are the perfect size for celebrations.

19. A shower curtain that's positively dotted with dachshunds.

20. Bookends that'll get better and better as your book collection grows.

21. A pair of socks that'll make your feet look like real wieners.

22. A poster with totally accurate yoga poses dachshunds can do.

23. A hand-stitched napkin set showcasing dachshunds in their most fanciful states.

24. And a blanket that's (almost) as good as snuggling up under 100 dachshunds.

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