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    11 Clever Hacks For Anyone Who Got, Like, Any Gifts This Year

    When you use a gift, send a quick thank-you or picture to the person who gave it to you.

    The holiday season is winding down, which means you're probably facing its aftermath — new presents, discarded boxes and paper, and so many thank-yous to send.

    It's as overwhelming as it is joyful! To help you out, I sorted through some recent, super-helpful tips on the subreddit r/LifeProTips to find users' best advice for ending the gifting season the right way.

    1. Save the twist-ties when unboxing wired devices to organize the wires later.

    2. When you use a gift, send a quick thank-you or picture to the person who gave it to you.

    3. And when you get a new product or gift, immediately take a photo of it, so that if/when it needs repairs, you'll know what it originally looked like.

    4. Save all of the leftover boxes your gifts came in and use them as an alternative to trash bags for non-wet or sealed trash.

    5. For any gift certificates you got, create a location-based reminder on your phone that will alert you when you go to that store, helping you use the gift card at that time.

    6. Take pictures of the front and back of them. That way if you lose them, you can still use them for purchases online.

    7. If your gift cards are about to expire, you can try to use them to buy new gift cards.

    8. And after you use it, let whoever gave it to you know what you spent it on.

    9. If you get some non-stick cookware, don't ruin the coating by using too high of a heat setting.

    10. If you received an expensive gift (electronics, cameras, etc.), keep the boxes, packets, and receipts.

    11. And don't leave your major or expensive gift packaging out on the street for trash pickup.