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    Now You Can Rent A Bouncy Castle For Your Wedding, So What Are You Waiting For?

    Your childhood bouncy castle, but make it black tie.

    There are countless ways to make a wedding extra fun, from photo booths to fancy llamas.

    Teale Photography / Via

    But IDK, I'm pretty sure it doesn't get more fun than a bouncy castle.

    A Wedding Wonderland / Via

    Yes, an actual bouncy castle, like the ones you flipped out over as a child, but all dressed up for a wedding!

    A Wedding Wonderland / Via

    British company A Wedding Wonderland recently shared pictures of its fun, festive rentals, and they look almost too good to be true.

    The castles measure about 17 feet by 20 feet by 13 feet, and yes, they look extra good with some wedding-appropriate flowers.

    A Wedding Wonderland / Via

    Although they look pretty good with fake flowers, too.

    A Wedding Wonderland / Via

    The castle will set you back about $400, and right now, it looks like they're only available in the UK. Other British companies that rent them include 1 Entertainment and Mr. Bouncy Castle.

    Just, y'know, make sure to take off your shoes and put down your drink before you get in there.

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