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    Why Yes, You Can Invite These Dressed-Up Llamas To Your Wedding

    You will not regret it.

    Are you planning a wedding and thinking, "Gosh, having to invite all of these treasured family and friends is really getting me down"?

    Are you going to a wedding in the near future and worried there won't be any fun people to hang out with?

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    If you answered yes to either question, I have some great news for you: Wedding llamas are a real thing, and they're spectacular.

    Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas, a Brush Prairie, Washington-based animal therapy center rents out dressed-up llamas named Rojo, Smokey, Diego, and Jean-Pierre for special events, and need I say more?

    According to the organization's website, the rental fees for special events go toward funding their therapy and education program.

    Now, not everyone wants to get upstaged at their wedding, which is perfectly understandable.

    But does that even matter if you can get a wedding portrait like this?

    Llamas are patient.

    Llamas are kind.

    Llamas will wear a fez and kiss you on the lips, and not even mind.

    Llamas are also similar to alpacas and I'm not an animal researcher so don't @ me.

    Now, before you call your future spouse and say, "Tell Aunt Susan she can skip our wedding and the rest of our lives, for all I care — we need to make room for llamas," you should know that the llamas are only available for events in Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver, Washington.

    So, sorry if this built up your hopes just to dash them away, but to ease your sorrows, just look at this fucking amazing photo.

    Llamas are the best, the end.

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