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This Bride Will Be The 11th Person In Her Family To Wear This Wedding Dress

She got it from her (great-great-grand) mama.

When Abby Kingston got engaged to her fiancé, Jason Curtis, last September, she didn't have to look far to find a wedding dress.

For the past 70 or so years, there's been a tradition among the women of her family to wed in her great-great-grandmother Mary Lowry Warren's dress from her 1895 wedding.

The tradition actually took 50 years to start because Lowry's own daughters had no interest in wearing the dress.

Over the years, the two-piece dress had largely remained the same.

The biggest change is the shortening of the original cathedral-length train.

The original dress was made to fit Lowry's 18-inch (!) waist, so some alterations have been made to the bodice, as well.

The vintage style made all the brides look like models for classic portraits.

The other big change over the years has been the addition of lace to certain areas.

You can really see the added lace at the bottom of the train here.

When her mother finally tracked down the dress at her great-aunt's house in Vermont, they found a disintegrating garment that showed a half-century's worth of alterations.

Kingston first saw the dress in person at her aunt Ann Ogden's wedding in 1991.

When she acquired it, Kingston and her mother agreed that they wanted to restore the dress to how it was.

After five dress fittings over nearly six months, Kingston described stepping into the finished gown as "very surreal."

At her wedding next month, her mother will be the only other former dress-wearer in attendance, but there will be plenty of meaningful family moments.