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    20 Times Prince George And Princess Charlotte Were Too Cute To Handle In 2016

    RIP my ovaries.

    1. First of all, Princess Charlotte had her first public appearance this year! And she did so with this adorably smooshed-up little expression.

    Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

    She made her debut during Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday celebrations in June.

    2. Not to be forgotten, Prince George started nursery school β€” in a cute little jacket 'n' backpack, to boot.

    Duchess Of Cambridge / PA Wire

    3. He also did a point.

    Duchess Of Cambridge / PA Wire

    And Duchess Catherine took the photos!

    4. But wait!!! Charlotte posed for this squee-worthy photo for her first birthday!!!!!

    5. And she pushed around a little cart of alphabet blocks because gosh darn it, princesses can have fun too!

    6. Hold on, though. George did his own birthday photo shoot, too, during which he fed family dog Lupo some ice cream.

    Matt Porteous / PA

    7. He also trotted around in this fresh nautical ensemble to mark the occasion.

    Matt Porteous / PA

    8. *Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Forget everything you just saw. Their actual cutest moment was when they melted our hearts β€” and the snow β€” during a family ski trip.

    John Stillwell / PA WIRE


    John Stillwell / PA

    10. The answer is no.

    John Stillwell / PA WIRE

    11. Anyway, George rode the cute train from the slopes over to this picture with his dad, grandpa, and great-grandma β€” aka the next three in line to the throne β€” and clearly enjoyed himself in the process.

    Royal Mail

    They took the picture for some commemorative stamps in honor of the Queen's 90th birthday.

    12. SEE????

    Royal Mail

    13. George's reign of cuteness didn't end there, of course. He also got to point at some planes.

    Richard Pohle / AFP / Getty Images

    14. And scowl like only a prince can.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    15. Oh, and savagely deny the Canadian prime minister a high five.

    ITN / Via

    16. Which was the only moment that overshadowed him meeting President Obama in his robe and pajamas. Like a (future) boss.

    17. But, hey. Princess Charlotte scowled at some balloons in Canada, and managed to look pretty darn adorable in the process.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    18. And eventually, the balloons made her smile.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    19. But nothing, seriously nothing, topped the head-exploding moment when Charlotte first saw balloons and completely flipped out.

    20. Stay precious, you royal kiddos!

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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