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22 Things Everyone Who Loves Shopping For Things On Sale Know To Be True

"Thanks, I got it on sale!" is the most fun sentence to say.

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8. When someone follows you around the store because you picked up the last shirt in their size, and jeez, Marcia, can you at least wait until I try it on?

12. When you and everyone you know shopped on Target on Cyber Monday, and then you all meet up in public, and goddamn it, Karen looks so much better in that dress than you do.

15. When the only size they have is your size, and you vow to never let it out of your sight because it feels like discovering gold on the sidewalk.

18. When it's 11:59 pm, but the sale starts at midnight, so you're furiously adding everything to your shopping cart so you can check out before they sell out.

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