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    22 Things Everyone Who Loves Shopping For Things On Sale Know To Be True

    "Thanks, I got it on sale!" is the most fun sentence to say.

    1. When you're prepared to suck it up and pay full price, but discover the whole store is 20% off.

    2. When the cashier accepts an expired coupon.

    Mohd Rasfan / AFP / Getty Images

    3. When you find out your friend paid full price for something and you had a coupon for it.

    Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

    4. When you see the words "final sale."

    5. When you buy so many holiday decorations for next year the day after Christmas, you can barely carry them home.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    6. When someone you know paid full price for something you got on sale.

    Wang Zhao / AFP / Getty Images

    7. When you convince a friend to buy those sale shoes they definitely don't need, but you want the contact high of getting a good deal.

    Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

    8. When someone follows you around the store because you picked up the last shirt in their size, and jeez, Marcia, can you at least wait until I try it on?

    Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

    9. When everything you're buying is 40% off and you need to be physically cut off from getting anything else.

    Mohd Rasfan / AFP / Getty Images

    10. When you know you shouldn't, but you go online just to "check on" that full-price jacket you've had your eye on...

    11. ...and you realize it's finally part of a site-wide sale.

    Mohd Rasfan / AFP / Getty Images

    12. When you and everyone you know shopped on Target on Cyber Monday, and then you all meet up in public, and goddamn it, Karen looks so much better in that dress than you do.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    13. When someone compliments you on something you bought for, like, $3.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    14. When you think they don't have your size, but then an employee finds one in the back.

    15. When the only size they have is your size, and you vow to never let it out of your sight because it feels like discovering gold on the sidewalk.

    Jung Yeon-je / AFP / Getty Images

    16. When it's 8:59 am the day after a holiday and you're waiting for someone to unlock the store door and let you in, JUST DO IT, ADAM.

    17. When it looks good on you in black, so you buy it in five colors, and realize with shame that you're basically going to wear the same thing every day.

    18. When it's 11:59 pm, but the sale starts at midnight, so you're furiously adding everything to your shopping cart so you can check out before they sell out.

    Olivier Douliery / AFP / Getty Images

    19. When you sleep great at night knowing you'll never a sucker who pays full price.

    Molly Riley / AFP / Getty Images

    Unless you absolutely have to.

    20. When you get dressed and realize that everything you're wearing was bought on sale.

    Javier Soriano / AFP / Getty Images

    21. When your friend shows you their favorite deals site and you spend hours finding sick bargains together.

    22. And when you get to say your favorite sentence in existence: "Thanks, I got it on sale!"

    Chung Sung-jun / Getty Images

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