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    Ok, I Kinda Love These "Saturday Night Live"-Themed Engagement Photos

    Live from New York, it's a really cute engagement shoot.

    Engaged couple Veronica Merrick and Chris Billings really love Saturday Night Live, especially the iconic photos Mary Ellen Matthews takes for the show.

    Christina Krone

    You know the ones.


    So for their engagement photos, Merrick and Billings decided to take some SNL-inspired pictures of their own.

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

    Photographer Nathan Baker took the photos, and graphic designer Ryan Padgham made them look just like the ones you see on TV.

    And yup, they're as cool and fun as they are reminiscent of the show's own photos.

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

    The couple took some awesome solo shots.

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

    Seriously awesome.

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

    As well as some fun posed ones together.

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

    Billings told BuzzFeed that they're planning on incorporating some SNL-style details into their Oct. 18 wedding, too.

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

    "We're still planning out all the details, but for now, we think it'd be really fun to introduce the bridal party into the reception like the show introduces the cast," he said. "The background jazz track, our DJ imitating the iconic Don Pardo, the whole thing!"

    Any questions?

    Nathan Baker Photography / Via

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