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These Photos Show Exactly Why Wonder Woman Is So Important

"Why representation always matters: Wonder Woman edition."

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In case you didn't know, the new Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot hits theaters June 2.

Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

Long story short: Wonder Woman is a warrior who fights alongside men to win WWI! Empowering stuff!


The movie's director, Patty Jenkins, actively sought a PG-13 rating for the film specifically so that more young women like these could see it.

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"I cared a lot about it never being an R-rating," she told Cinema Blend. "And I totally support the movies that do have an R-rating, but in this case I was very aware that little girls were going to want to see the film, and I was very protective of that. So it had to not be Rated R to me. I would have been happy to go for PG, but it's World War I, so we couldn't!"

The whole thing is reminiscent of this powerful moment from the premiere of the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters last year.


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