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14 Totally Adult Ways To Decorate Your New Place Together

There's nothing like living with your ~breast~ friend.

1. A pillow that leaves no mystery as to where the magic happens.

2. This sweet motivational poster to remind you of your butt's biggest fan.

3. A bath mat that gets right to the point.

4. And the ~breast~ towel in the world to dry off with.

5. This cute way of telling your partner they're always on your mind.

6. These kind words of encouragement.

7. This daily mantra so you'll never forget the important things in life and relationships.

8. A mug that will fill you with the confidence of someone who's loved from head to butt.

9. This wall art that's sure to inspire a very specific kind of wanderlust.

10. These perfectly practical hooks that even a total boob would use.

11. This reminder of the constant dilemma over what to have in the morning.

12. This proof that a chest drawing is way better than a chest of drawers.

13. A winking clock that will always keep a flirty eye on you two.

14. And this slick motto to watch over you.

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