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Holy Shit, Arizona

Arizona, so hot right now. Arizona.

So, it's really, really hot in Arizona right now.

In fact, the entire Southwest is experiencing an extreme heat wave — temperatures are reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and people are experiencing heat stroke and contact burns from touching pavement — but in Arizona, it's so hot that airplanes haven't been allowed to fly.

It's so hot that plastic mailboxes are melting, making them double over.

Street signs? Overrated!

This friggin' catcus was no match for the heat.

It's so hot that the weather map has almost run out of colors to show how high the temperature is.

It's so hot that people are baking cookie snackies in their god dang cars.

Or they're making full trays of 'em.

They're frying eggs on the sidewalk.

They're not even using oven mitts for cooking — they're wearing them so they can touch their steering wheels and drive.

And finally, it's so hot that PUPPY FEET ARE FRYING!!!!!

Be careful out there, everyone.


This post previously included a photo of a melted trash can that was not taken this week and has since been removed. 😓


This post previously included a photo of a fence that melted due to a fire, not the heat wave. It has since been removed.