16 Foolproof Ways To Be The Cool Aunt Or Uncle You've Always Wanted To Be

    You can never go wrong with silly songs.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their secret to being the cool aunt or uncle. Here are some of the best tips:

    1. Be the aunt or uncle you wish you had.

    2. Play your niece or nephew's favorite games with them.

    3. Take a walk down memory lane.

    4. Focus on experiences, not gifts.

    5. Act like a kid, plain and simple.

    6. Remember that quality time + unconditional love = a winning combo.

    7. Don't be afraid to get a little goofy.

    8. Don't underestimate the power of a good nose boop.

    9. Treat them like they're your equal.

    10. Get a little personal with the gift-giving.

    11. Play with them for literally as long as they want.

    12. When in doubt, sing some silly songs.

    13. Be a constant source of support and encouragement.

    14. Know that your lap is probably their favorite place on earth.

    15. Get meaningful tattoos with them when they're old enough.*

    16. And when all else fails...

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