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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    Carrie Brownstein And Amy Poehler Just Spontaneously Helped A Couple Get Married

    Amy Poehler helped out, too.

    Carrie Brownstein: music legend. Writer. Actress. Icon. Wedding officiant?

    Kendall Oshiro and Genevieve Hernandez brought their marriage license to the event with the hopes that Brownstein would officiate their wedding on the spot. To their delight, she did.

    Courtesy of Kendall Oshiro

    The event was conveniently held at a wedding-ready venue, the Pasadena Presbyterian Church. Oshiro, who's a big fan of Brownstein's band Sleater Kinney, described the whole thing as being "surreal."

    "She's very inspirational," Oshiro told BuzzFeed Life. "In her memoir, she talked about what it means to be a fangirl. It really validated how we feel as fans, knowing she doesn't think of us as annoying."

    That Amy Poehler was there to lead the "in conversation"-style book talk was an added bonus.

    The couple of three years had been planning to elope when they heard from a friend that Brownstein was an ordained minister.

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    Oshiro told BuzzFeed Life that she and Hernandez got their marriage license on their lunch break on the same day as the book talk.

    During the Q&A portion of the event, Oshiro went up to the microphone and asked Brownstein to do the honors. "Everyone cheered, and Carrie put her head in her hands," Oshiro said. "Amy's jaw dropped, and she was like, 'You have to do it, you have to do it!"

    Luckily, Brownstein had her ministry papers on hand. She agreed to officiate and they arranged the ceremony for after the Q&A ended.

    Always down for a celebration, Poehler grabbed some flowers out of an arrangement to use as bouquets.

    Wennie Soo / Via

    Poehler then played the first part of "Greensleeves" on the piano while Brownstein whipped up a speech.

    Wennie Soo / Via

    She joked that it's the only thing she can play on the piano.

    Not surprisingly, Brownstein's impromptu speech was sweet and incredibly heartfelt.

    Wennie Soo / Via

    "All of us here are rooting for you. We're rooting for you in the way we root for ourselves," she said.

    It was all almost too much for Oshiro, who barely remembers being on stage. "Both women are so inspirational to me, and to all women of all ages, so to have them be willing to be part of my wedding, it was very enlightening and humbling."

    Oshiro and Hernandez said short vows and exchanged the rings they'd bought when they'd made plans to elope.

    Wennie Soo / Via

    Brownstein pronounced them married, and the crowd went wild, which was a relief for Oshiro.

    Wennie Soo / Via

    "I was worried about upsetting people in the theater for taking time away from them," she said. "They were incredibly supportive and they kept congratulating us. One woman even gave us $50 to go celebrate over dinner."

    Still, that can hardly top the best present ever — Brownstein telling the newlyweds that she loves them.

    Disney Pixar / Via

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