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25 Incredibly Beautiful Wedding Cakes That Won 2015

So many tiers of joy.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. This delightful, teacup-inspired cake.

2. This awesome geometric cake with gold accents.

Anushé Low Photography / Via

Created by Olofson Design.

3. This simple, rustic one-tier cake.

Josh Gruetzmacher / Via

4. This mod ombré cake.

Olivia Leigh Photographie / Via

Created by Amy Beck Cake Design.

5. This opulent lilac-colored cake.

Bronwyn Duffield Photography / Via

Created by Five Star Bakeshop.

6. This super-cute Funfetti cake.

Dylan & Sara Photography / Via

Created by Mayflour Confections.

7. This sneaky, two-faced superhero cake.

Read more about it here.

Created by Tier by Tier.

8. This dreamy, Swan Lake-inspired cake.

9. This ethereal croquembouche cake.

10. This classy cake that's perfect for a travel-loving couple.

Erica O'Brien Cake Design

11. This luxurious watercolor cake.

Rosalind Miller Cakes

Created by Rosalind Miller Cakes.

12. This wallpaper-inspired cake with a banana leaf motif.

Alana Jones-Mann / Via

Created by Alana Jones-Mann.

13. This tastefully naked cake.

Erica O'Brien Cake Design

14. This romantic, two-tiered cake with flowers.

Sweet & Saucy Shop

Created by Sweet & Saucy Shop.

15. This amazingly minimalist cake.

Maggie Austin Cake / Via

Created by Maggie Austin Cake.

16. This opulent cake that looks fit for a queen.

Mito Sweets / Via Facebook: mitosweets

17. This mind-blowing cake that looks like agate.

Tara McMullen Photography

Created by Nadia & Co.

18. Or this spectacular one that's designed to look like a geode.

19. This painted, pale blue cake with tons of flowers.

Purple Tree Photography / Via

Created by Nadia & Co.

20. This pretty, peach-colored cake with gold accents.

Jessica Cooper Photography / Via

Created by Cake Stand Bakery.

21. This colorful cake with beautiful brushstrokes.

22. This unapologetically pretty cake with frills and flowers to spare.

Juniper Cakery / Via

Created by Juniper Cakery.

23. This sleek black and gold cake.

Kara Brodgesell Photography / Via Knead to Make

Created by Knead to Make.

24. This intricate, stained glass-inspired cake.

Mito Sweets / Via Facebook: mitosweets

25. And this show-stopping six-tier (!!!) cake with sugar roses.

Rosalind Miller Cakes

Created by Rosalind Miller Cakes.

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