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25 Incredibly Beautiful Wedding Cakes That Won 2015

So many tiers of joy.

1. This delightful, teacup-inspired cake.

2. This awesome geometric cake with gold accents.

3. This simple, rustic one-tier cake.

4. This mod ombré cake.

5. This opulent lilac-colored cake.

6. This super-cute Funfetti cake.

7. This sneaky, two-faced superhero cake.

Read more about it here.

Created by Tier by Tier.

8. This dreamy, Swan Lake-inspired cake.

9. This ethereal croquembouche cake.

10. This classy cake that's perfect for a travel-loving couple.

11. This luxurious watercolor cake.

12. This wallpaper-inspired cake with a banana leaf motif.

13. This tastefully naked cake.

14. This romantic, two-tiered cake with flowers.

15. This amazingly minimalist cake.

16. This opulent cake that looks fit for a queen.

17. This mind-blowing cake that looks like agate.

18. Or this spectacular one that's designed to look like a geode.

19. This painted, pale blue cake with tons of flowers.

20. This pretty, peach-colored cake with gold accents.

21. This colorful cake with beautiful brushstrokes.

22. This unapologetically pretty cake with frills and flowers to spare.

23. This sleek black and gold cake.

24. This intricate, stained glass-inspired cake.

25. And this show-stopping six-tier (!!!) cake with sugar roses.

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