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    15 Ridiculous Things That Actually Happened On "The Bachelor" Last Night

    We watched so you don't have to.

    Season 21 of The Bachelor is off and running! Each week, Terri β€” who has seen every episode of The Bachelor and the spinoffs β€” and Rachel β€” who is watching for the first time, and who is off this week β€” will be recapping the latest episode of this epic season. Read the Episode 2 recap here.

    1. Nick sports his best floral tie to break the news to the rest of the women that he and Liz had sex, and it actually goes over pretty well.

    2. Corinne puts on her finest silken trench coat and commits treason against whipped cream and sullies its good name.

    3. ...Corinne sleeps through the rose ceremony.

    4. Alexis the dolphin queen says, "Move, bitches," twice.

    5. The Backstreet Boys complete their fall from grace by setting foot into the wine-stained, lice-infested Bachelor Mansion.

    6. Corinne, however, doesn't miss her last chance to cement her status as our resident Ivanka Trump wannabe.

    7. Vanessa pukes her brains out during her one-on-one date on a zero-gravity plane.

    8. And then Vanessa becomes the uncontested front-runner when Nick cries tears of joy at the end of their date.

    9. Olympic champions Michelle Carter, Allyson Felix, and Carl Lewis take time out of their busy training schedule to watch three adult women literally race to grab an engagement ring.

    10. Speaking of subtlety, Rachel, Alexis, and Astrid smash the prop engagement ring to pieces as they race to win extra time in a trackside hot tub with Nick.

    11. Rachel, however, makes a delightfully bad sports pun and still gets the date rose.

    12. Dominique spirals out of control, and Nick sends her home early.

    13. Alexis somehow attends a pool party without making a single dolphin reference.

    14. That's right, a put-upon PA (or Corinne's nanny) sets up a bouncy castle on the Bachelor Mansion's grounds for her and Nick to jump 'n' hump in.

    15. Vanessa gives Nick the verbal ass-kicking he needs, making her the MVP of this episode β€” and season.

    See you next week! πŸŒΉπŸ‘―πŸŒΉ