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    • terratenshi

      Be careful of the whole “computer/IT people don’t need to interact with people” idea. Because of this for years all we got were the jerks who didn’t want to work with anyone. As a result a lot of companies are very strict about making sure anyone the hire in the field has decent social skills and some companies will even purposefully add people oriented tasks to the job description.

    • terratenshi

      The worst one was after I left retail. My first month as a software developer a co-worker told me to do something, I told him I couldn’t because I didn’t have the permissions necessary. He started screaming at me for a good 10 minutes about how fucking worthless I was and why was I being such a goddamned cunt and refusing to help. I went to HR and told them what happened and that it made me feel uncomfortable. The HR lady told me that in a case like this I had to report to my manager and he would report to HR. So I went to my manager and told him what happened. During this he kept asking questions like “was it really that loud?”, “is it possible you deserved it?”, “are you sure you aren’t just making this up?” From them on he made a habit of doing creepy things like walking up behind me and whispering in my ear “does this make you uncomfortable?” or “is it inappropriate if I call your tits saggy?” It got so bad I had a panic attack at work and e-mailed him begging to leave because I couldn’t stand to face him. When I came into work the next day he told me he was firing me for leaving work without permission. When I pointed out that I had the e-mail from him giving me permission he quickly changed his story to me being fired for sexually harassing him and told me that if I even thought about asking for unemployment he’d sue me. Several weeks later I got an e-mail from a former co-worker telling me that she had found a better job and not to feel bad because apparently he and the first guy who yelled at me were best friends, hung out all the time outside work, and were god parents to each others children. Luckily I did end up getting unemployment but the whole thing played hell on my anxiety.

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