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    • terrana

      Hate to say it, but you sound pretty butt hurt yourself lol.Iagree that there certainly are girls out there who just do it for the looks and don’t giveacrap about the game/anime/manga/comic/on and on the list goes.
      However,Ido haveaproblem withalot of your other arguments. Like that girls didn’t used to be interested in them and that’s why they were labeled as guy things. Um, foralong time girls weren’t really allowed to be into those kinds of things. And when they were, it was frowned upon. You want to talk about boys being chastised for liking such things? It was worse for the girls. It’s like sports. Girls weren’t *supposed* to play sports, so mostly, they didn’t.
      And the not doing it when you were little thing mentioned in the article,Ithink maybe it was more about NOT HAVING THE MONEY FOR IT. Not all of us had cash as an 8-year-old.
      Finally, you’ve got some very interesting spelling moments in here… Just saying.

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