Why Baby Bats Should Be The Internets Next Mascot

Clumsy penguins, hyper rabbits, romantic sloths, and kittens with no depth perception have all had their time in the proverbial internet sun. Out of the darkness a new cute will rise.

2. Because they’re basically puppies with wings

they fall asleep while bottle feedin *o*

3. Because they love to get pampered

Via http://via%20baby%20animal%20gifs%20tumblr

4. They appreciate black and white portrait photography

5. Because they’re curious

6. They’re great cuddlers

7. Because this one is pretending to be a rabbit

8. They have great style

yellow is totally on trend for spring

9. Becaue they’re all wibbly wobbly

10. Because they grow up to be pollinators just like bees and just as important

11. because how can you tell this face he’s not an internet star?


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