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The Most Adorable Cat Tweets That Deserve Treats

Twitter is already a sassy place to begin with, so when you add cats to the mix - MEE-YOW - fur will fly! These famous felines are a sweet bunch, they definitely deserve TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats for their adorable and witty tweets.

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1. Sockington


Occupation: Jason Scott's Cat

Followers: Over 1,400,000!

Reason for highlighting tweet: It's pure poetry.

2. Winston

Cat scarves: So in this season! http://t.co/onn5QBj4

Occupation: Professional food eater

Followers: Over 6,000

Reason for highlighting tweet: Winston is on the shoulders of a human and is not making a fuss. Also: He's a cute scarf.

3. Maru

もはや体の一部です。This box is already part of my body.

Occupation: Professional Box-sitter

Followers: Over 15,000

Reason for highlighting tweet: While Maru has a multitude of box pictures on the Internet, this one in particular makes him look like an airplane.

4. Henry

My human is a #catperson because if I'm sitting in her chair, she'll sit somewhere else.

Occupation: Master of Catitude

Followers: Almost 4,000

Reason for highlighting tweet: This is a cat that understands life as we know it.

5. Cat_ebooks

One day you ll find a friend and then that friend will rub you

Occupation: Spam Cat

Followers: Over 10,500

Reason for highlighting tweet: Wise words of wisdom.

6. Sweetfurx4

Pillow for the night http://t.co/kEU08Y8T

Occupation: Being cute flat-faced cats

Followers: 500

Reason for highlighting tweet: Kitten loaf is the best loaf.

7. Daisy the Curly Cat

I decided my bomber jacket looks more dashing with a jaunty scarf!

Occupation: Cat clothes model

Followers: Over 3,700

Reason for highlighting tweet: Impeccable cat fashion.

8. Pudge

Occupation: Being cute

Followers: A little over 200

Reason for highlighting tweet: Cuddle awareness is super important.

9. Kokoro

♡*.¸¸.*☆*¸.*♡*.¸¸.*☆*.¸¸.*♡*.¸¸.*✰¨`*•.☆¸¸.•* ❥ (ˆ◡ˆ) #love ✰¨`*•.☆¸¸.•* ❥ (ˆ◡ˆ) *♡*.¸¸.*☆*¸.*♡*.¸¸.*☆* @ttsnoopy ¸.*♡*.¸¸.*☆*¸.*♡*.¸

Occupation: Therapy Cat

Followers: Over 1,600

Reason for highlighting tweet: Spectacular use of Wingdings!

10. Purrfect The Cat

Do I rly look like Ron Swanson @parksandrecnbc? I Donut see the resemblance. =^..^= http://t.co/8hlYwAIv

Occupation: Buddy to Cee Lo Green

Followers: Over 65,000

Reason for highlighting tweet: Ron Swanson reference!

11. Choupette Lagerfeld

Maid, I request a swarovski crystal encrusted laser pointer to chase. Fetch me one MEOW!

Occupation: Fancy kitty to Karl Lagerfeld

Followers: Over 7,600

Reason for highlighting tweet: This cat knows how to live the high life.

12. Button Pickle

DON'T LOOK AT ME! I'M SHY!!!! http://t.co/NCqhsSh6

Occupation: Comedian Cat

Followers: Over 2,800

Reason for highlighting tweet: Just look at this picture!

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