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    Temple UHRL's College Survival Guide - September Edition

    September is here - classes have begun, you're getting in the swing of things, and motivation for the year is at an all time high. Let's go over some tips and see what's going on around campus and Philly this month.

    Showcase Your Space

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    Think you've got a great style and attention to detail? Use your skills to create a room of your own! If you're feeling extra excited to get involved on-campus right away, enter our Showcase Your Space Contest, with the top three rooms getting a custom gift basket with all the things you didn't think you needed.

    Beury Beach/Bell Tower

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    Beury Beach is one of the best places to catch some rays on campus, and in the beginning of the year there's always a ton of activities and fairs going on at the Bell Tower, so be sure to walk by on a nice day to see what's going on.

    Center City Restaurant Week

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    From September 23rd to October 3rd, please take the opportunity to experience a great meal, or four at some of the nicest restaurants in Philly. $20 lunch or a $35 dinner - three courses. You really can't go wrong.

    Getting Around Campus

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    Living on campus has its perks, and the walk to class is one of them. Enjoy the ability to wake up 5 minutes prior and still get there with a minute to spare - sometimes you may even beat your professor. Read our other article for a guide to navigating around!

    Football Games

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    Football season is in full swing in September, with our home opener happening over Labor Day weekend. Hop on the busses or the subway to enjoy the tailgates with family and friends, and watch the owls conquer The American conference. Also, there's nothing better than watching the away games at home with your roommates and friends.

    Try Out the New Dining Hall!

    Halkin Architectural Photography

    Downstairs Morgan got an update - and it's waiting for you to try it! Starbucks, Chik Fil A, Panda Express, and Tony Lukes. What else could you ask for?

    The Wall

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    Go try out some of the best food on campus at The Wall. Located in front of Anderson & Gladfelter, it is where Richie's resides, along with great Asian & Pizza options. In addition to the great food options, there are plenty of spaces to sit and meet up with people or do work on a nice day, so be sure to stop by if you have a minute.

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