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    Temple College Survival Guide - February

    It's February at Temple University! Here's some cool things happening on and around campus!

    Squeeze in that Final Ice Skate

    ©Temple University

    The Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink in Dilworth Park is open until February 24th! Get one last skate in before skating season ends!

    Catch a Basketball Game

    ©Temple University

    Show some Owl pride and support the men's basketball team vs University of Connecticut 2/6 at 6pm in the Liacouras Center! Check out Temple University's Calendar of Events for more Temple fun in February!

    Take a Break at the Philadelphia Auto Show

    ©Temple University

    From the 2nd to the 10th, the Pennsylvania Convention Center will be hosting the annual Philadelphia Auto Show! With general admission at $14 per head, you can take a break from school and see Acuras, Volvos, and everything in between.

    Valentine's Day

    ©Temple University

    A trip to LOVE Park? A candlelit dinner in Center City? How about a walk along Boathouse Row? With countless things to do, a romantic night in the city won't be hard to find. Check out VisitPhilly's most romantic spots!

    East Passyunk Avenue Restaurant Week

    Via unsplash

    From February 25 to March 8 be sure to take a trip down to East Passyunk Avenue for meals from $15 - $36! Who knows, maybe you'll find a new favorite Philly spot!

    Start Saving for an End of the Year Trip

    ©Temple University

    We all need some extra motivation throughout the semester. Start saving for a fun weekend trip to reward yourself with at the end of a successful semester! Some cool places to go include: Atlantic City, Nashville, Ocean City (NJ or MD), or treat yourself to a West Coast weekend!

    Add a New Food to Your Diet

    Via unsplash

    Switch things up! Try to add a new food to your diet each week. If you like it, awesome! You just found a new food! If not, no sweat - there's plenty of new things to try!

    Disconnect on the Weekends

    ©Temple University

    Plan on staying in for the weekend? Try putting your phone on airplane mode or turning it off completely. Without distractions from social media, there's so much you can accomplish! Try adding something new to your self-care routine like journaling, meditation, or watching that movie you've been meaning to see for months.

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