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    On-Campus Living: Do's And Don'ts

    Are you new to the on-campus living lifestyle? If so, you might have some questions. We're here to help you navigate the ins and outs of living in a residence hall on Temple's campus!

    Don't Hide from Your RA

    Ryan S. Brandenberg / Ryan S. Brandenberg/Temple University

    Your RA is your go-to for all things temple-related! They're a huge source of wisdom, advice, and support. Plus, they're trained to help guide you through your year so make sure you utilize them while you have them- and don't forget to thank them when you do!

    Use Your Common Spaces

    Joseph V. Labolito

    Never underestimate the impact a lounge can have on your living experience. Here you'll make friends, share laughs, and maybe even find yourself pulling an all nighter or two. They're great places to get away if you're feeling cooped up in your room or just want to hang in a bigger space.

    Don't Be a Stranger

    Joseph V. Labolito

    You never know what awesome people you'll meet when you have your door open. Keeping your door open lets your floor know you have a space where guests are welcome and you're open to meeting new people. When you're feeling social but don't want to leave your room- this is the option for you!

    Don't miss out on your hall's events and RA Programs

    Ryan S. Brandenberg / Ryan S. Brandenberg/Temple University

    On the other hand, when you're feeling social and DO want to leave your room, RA/hall programs are the best. Not only do the RA's put tons of hard work into planing these events for you, but you're almost always guaranteed to have a good time. Not to mention RA's love to hook it up with pizza, prizes, and other giveaways. Go support your RA and check out your hall's program calendar!

    Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

    Joseph V. Labolito

    For most, college is filled with first-times. One of them might be having neighbors who live on either side of you (only feet away to be honest). Maybe you're used to playing Just Dance at 3AM, but I can promise your downstairs neighbor probably isn't. Remember to be mindful of the people who live around you. College can be fun, but it's important to be considerate of people who have different lifestyles/schedules.

    Play by the Rules

    Joseph V. Labolito

    It can be tempting to break the rules sometimes (especially because this may be your first year away from home) but I promise IT ISN'T WORTH IT! Consequences aren't fun and it's way better to be safe than to be sorry. If you're unsure about something, reference the housing contract below!

    Don't take it for Granted

    Joseph V. Labolito

    With all of the stress and change that happens over the course of a school year, it's easy to overlook the joy that is on-campus living. Being a block away from class, living right next to your best friend, eating fourth meal at J&H... the list goes on. Take a minute every once and a while to soak it all in because soon enough you'll be wishing you had one more day in your residence hall.

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