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    College Survival Guide: January Edition

    This month marks the beginning of the Spring Semester which means Spring move-in is upon us. We've got all you need to know for a smooth transition back to campus and classes.

    Move-in day is January 12th

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    Move-in for scheduled returning and new students is Jan. 12th, which gives you more than a few days to settle in before the semester starts. Halls open at 10:00 am for students. Remember to check out our site for more info about what to pack and what to expect if you are a new student!

    Dining Halls Re-open on the 13th

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    We know how much you missed J&H fourth meals while you were home over break. The good news is that dining halls are open once again starting on the 13th at dinner time. Make sure you have food to last you until then, if you decide to get back to campus early!

    Classes Begin on the 14th

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    Feeling like break went by too quickly? Us too. It's already time to start gearing up for Spring classes, which means buying textbooks, scouting out class locations, and waking up early (sigh). Give yourself a break and plan all of these things ahead of time- maybe even before you make your way back to campus, so you can spend your free time adjusting back to on-campus life.

    Explore the Wintery City

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    The holidays may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end. The city is still jam-packed with awesome winter events. Check out Dilworth Park for a night of ice skating, or catch a performance at the new MET Philadelphia if you're looking to stay indoors. With a snowy month ahead of us, make sure to take advantage of prime sledding spots like the steps of the Art Museum!

    Keep Up with Those New Year Resolutions

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    New year, new semester, new you. Take some time to form good, healthy habits with the new year and stick to them! Having difficulty figuring out what you want your New Years resolution to be? We're here to help:

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