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    College Survival Guide: December Edition

    Brace yourselves- finals season is here! This month we're finishing the Fall Semester and gearing up for final exams, projects, and papers. Here's what to do on campus and in Philly as this semester comes to a close.

    Study Hours at the Library and Tech

    Temple University

    December 11-19th Study Hours at the Library are extended to 24 hours a day and the TECH has extended hours into the weekend. This may make it tempting to pull an all nighter or two, but make sure you're getting the appropriate amount of sleep- in your own bed, that is.

    Check out the Finals Calander

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    Don't let your nightmares about oversleeping/forgetting about exams come true! Make sure you know your exams days and write them down somewhere you won't forget. Check out the full exam schedule here:

    Crunch Time Cafe at Paley Library

    Temple University

    This semester Paley Library and the Wellness Resource Center teamed up for their bi-annual finals destress programming. Some of the highlights include, free coffee and snacks, therapy dogs (omg), and a digital campfire! For more info, check out the entire schedule here:

    Use Your Study Days Effectively

    Temple University

    December 11-12 are designated study days, which basically means you have two days completely free to prepare for finals week (or two days to catch up on the sleep you lost this semester). Make sure you have a plan for your study days and stick to it- whether you're using them for self-care or to cram for next weeks finals!

    Once finals are over- RELAX!

    Temple University

    You did it!! The semester is officially over, and you deserve a pat on the back. Use your break to recuperate and relax. PS- staring at your TUportal looking for finals grades won't make them come any sooner.

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