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People Have Actually Lived In These 13 Terrible Places

There were pigeons nesting in the bathroom, and they never left.

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In a recent episode of BuzzFeed's podcast The Tell Show, comedian Michael Ian Black told a story about buying (and hating) his first house.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the worst places they've ever lived:

1. In the forest.

Louie Schwartzberg / Via

"The worst place I ever lived in was in an apartment that had a very long-standing plumbing issue. The floor boards around the tub and toilet were so rotten that we literally had mushrooms growing out of them, not to mention cockroaches and house centipedes. We didn't stay there too long, but I will never forget walking into the bathroom to take a bath and finding mushrooms had sprouted there overnight."

—Matt Michaud, Facebook

2. At sea.

Warner Bros. / Via

"I lived on a one bedroom houseboat. We had crabs and roaches, no working toilet and a mini fridge. Got rocked to sleep every night though.


3. The cupboard in the garage.

IFC / Via

"Right out of college I moved to an insanely expensive city where I knew no one and was making a really crappy hourly wage. I ended up in a glorified 9-by-9 closet in someone's garage. There was one tiny window, no insulation, a gap between the roof and the top of the walls so bugs were always getting in, and the floor was cracked concrete. To get to the only bathroom, I had to go through the garage, the backyard, the kitchen, the living room and a hallway between bedrooms."

—Bethany Harbison, Facebook

4. The coziest studio, for real.

Cartoon Network / Via

"You'd think a 200 square foot apartment that had no air conditioning in the summer, was freezing in the winter and had paper thin walls would make this list; but it is the safest, most peaceful place I've ever lived. Living in a giant house with an abusive grandmother was the worst place I've ever lived."

—Adrianna Light, Facebook

5. Beyond the wall.

HBO / Via

"The heater in my first apartment didn't work. It was so cold, icicles grew on the inside of my room. I used to turn on the shower and let the steam heat up my room and just huddle, praying it would end. I was young and naive, and didn't realize I could just tell my landlord to fix it."

—Jess Camp, Facebook

6. Leeds.

"Leeds. That's it. Just Leeds. Don't live there."—lucym2

"Leeds. That's it. Just Leeds. Don't live there."


7. It looked so good in the photos.

Comedy Central / Via

"They were relatively new apartments: four bedrooms, two baths, a nice kitchen and common area, etc. at a reasonable price, so we thought it was a steal! What they didn't tell us is that one of the complexes was next to a slaughterhouse. And when I say next to a slaughterhouse I mean we were less than a restraining order away from dying pigs. Everyday you'd hear and smell truckloads of pigs come in and truckloads of meat come out."


8. An apartment for multi-taskers.

nullahbullah123 / Via

"I paid $650 a month for an apartment with no kitchen. There was one sink. It was in the bathroom. Have you ever cooked pasta on a hot plate on top of a mini fridge and cleaned the pot in the bathroom sink?"


9. The rat basement.

Fox / Via

"It was an illegally-subdivided basement studio apartment with a severe rat infestation and flying insect problem. Once, in the middle of the night, a rat got caught in a trap but lived. Then it got stuck in a tunnel somewhere in the wall by the kitchen sink and died. The apartment smelled like a decaying animal for months and the super couldn't locate and extract the offending critter."

—Margaret DeVico, Facebook

10. On the waterfront.

AMC / Via

"My very first apartment was a one bedroom surrounded by bars in a navy town. I always knew when it was 2:00 a.m., because the bars were closed and the sailors used the alley underneath my ground floor bedroom window for pissing and puking."


11. The fish bowl.

Summit Entertainment / Via

"An illegal basement apartment in San Francisco behind a tropical fish store that was a front for a drug dealer. One day I came home to find my apartment full of crickets who had escaped from the fish store. The only upside to this apartment was I never had to turn on my heat, since it was always warm from all his heated water tanks and, most likely, grow lights, against my back wall."


12. The coop.

FX / Via

"Pigeons were nesting in an old, sealed-off vent directly above my bathroom. When I told my landlord about it, his solution was to spray an entire aerosol can of Lysol into the closet-sized bathroom and close the door, because he thought the unnatural smell would drive them away. Obviously, the pigeons never left."


13. The nest.

ABC / Via

"My sister and I had rooms in the basement, which we were excited about at first because we our own space away from our parents. Our computer was in a shared room outside of the bedrooms, and one day my sister and I were both on it together. All of a sudden we felt something raining down on us, and looked on the floor to see hundreds of maggots falling from the ceiling tiles. Of course, over the next few days they became hundreds of flies, and we had a dozen fly traps all over the house that had to be replaced twice a day. Needless to say we moved out of there pretty quickly."

—Brita Riley, Facebook

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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