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10 Instagram Accounts Every True Healthy Foodie Needs To Be Following

Get ready to healthily drool all over these incredible accounts that are taking over the healthy foodie's Instagram.

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1. Sprinkle of Green - @sprinkle_of_green / Via Instagram: @sprinkle_of_green

Sprinkle of Green does an absolutely incredibly job of transforming favourite desserts into healthier versions. An account that doesn't try and shove health down your throats but instead takes a more laid-back, everyone-finds-their-own-balance approach.

2. The Balanced Blonde - @thebalancedblonde

Instagram: @thebalancedblonde / Via Instagram: @thebalancedblonde

The Balanced Blonde's Jordan Younger practices exactly what she preaches - balance. Juggling a green juice in one hand and a cocktail in the order is no easy feat, but she definitely does it in cool LA style.

3. Tess Ward - @tessward

Instagram: @tessward / Via Instagram: @tessward

Tess is a Le Cordon Bleu chef and author of her own Naked Diet Cookbook. Creator of drool worthy recipes, Tess is an inspiration, cooking up a storm that is guaranteed to pack a flavourful and nutritious punch.

4. Panaceas Pantry - @panaceas_pantry

Instagram: @panaceas_pantry / Via Instagram: @panaceas_pantry

Kath and Jade from Panaceas Pantry make eating a colorful plant based diet the most beautiful thing in the world. Their smoothie bowls will make you want to throw your avocado toasts at the wall and embrace the frozen goodness.

5. Hens Clean Cakes - @henscleancakes

Instagram: @henscleancakes / Via Instagram: @henscleancakes

It's impossible to fall completely in love with the beautifully made healthier desserts made by pastry chef Henrietta Inman. Every single tart, cake and cookie is made with so much love and care, they're a beauty to behold (and eat!).

6. The Green Life -

Instagram: @the / Via Instagram:

Sophie is a holistic nutritionist, freelance food stylist & photographer, so expect all her plant-based recipes to be exceptionally drool-worthy - not to mention perfectly good for you!

7. Pheebs Foods - @pheebsfoods

Instagram: @pheebsfoods / Via Instagram: @pheebsfoods

Phoebe has a deliciously colorful Instagram feed, guaranteed to brighten your day. Every single dish is drool-worthy, and the hardest part will be deciding what to make first!

8. Vegan Miam - @veganmiam

Instagram: @veganmiam / Via Instagram: @veganmiam

Vegan Miam makes the kind of vegan food that won't make you think twice about having meat. Every dish looks absolutely on point, being vegan has never looked so easy and delicious.

9. Inspiralized - @inspiralized

Instagram: @inspiralized / Via Instagram: @inspiralized

Spiralizing vegetables has taken the health world by storm, and no one does it better than Inspiralized. With a book published, you'll never run out of ideas on how to use your brand new inspiralizer.

10. Hippie Lane - @talinegabriel

Instagram: @talinegabriel / Via Instagram: @talinegabriel

Taline Gabriel from Hippie Lane is famous for her treats with an edge. Plant-based desserts take center stage, and there is no healthy sweet dream she can't make come true!

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