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    11 Differences Between Freshmen And Seniors In High School

    This goes beyond your standard jv vs varsity face off

    1. Freshmen: Choosing an Outfit

    Seniors: Choosing an Outfit

    2. Freshmen: Parties

    Seniors: Parties

    3. Freshmen: Not Going to Parties

    Seniors: Not Going to Parties

    4. Freshmen: Workload

    Seniors: Workload

    5. Freshmen: In First Period Class

    Seniors: In First Period Class

    6. Freshmen: Classes in General

    Seniors: Classes in General

    7. Freshmen: Being Awake at 1 am

    Seniors: Being Awake at 1 am

    8. Freshmen: Drinking

    Seniors: Drinking

    9. Freshmen: The Cafeteria

    Seniors: The Cafeteria

    10. Freshmen: Kissing

    Seniors: Kissing

    11. Freshmen: Thoughts on School

    Seniors: Thoughts on School