20 Things Black People Know For SURE

No negotiations, no doubts. These are bonafied FACTS. #BlackBuzzFeed

2. Dish washing liquid works just fine for a bubble bath

3. How to do the Electric Slide

4. Michael Jackson did NOT have vitiligo

5. The Illuminati is watching

Aramatheydidnt / Via aramatheydidnt.livejournal.com

6. Black don’t crack

Atlanta Black Star / Via atlantablackstar.com

7. Martin and Gina were the best couple EVER

8. Being brown has its advantages

AfricaPresse / Via africapresse.com

9. We miss Nas

10. Our President is Black

11. In Living Color was the BEST comedy show EVER

12. OJ Did It

13. Once you go Black, you can’t go back

14. The Lord’s Prayer

15. We set the standard

16. Zimmerman is guilty

17. It’s hot in Africa

18. Racism still exists

20. Everyone’s childhood fantasy

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