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    21 Times Spike From Degrassi Was A Style Icon

    No one can forget Christine "Spike" Nelson's wild, '80s 'do on Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, but what about her totally awesome, grunge-chic fashion sense?

    21. She could rock a vest like nobody's business. Whether it was pinstriped...

    20. Paired with a band tee...

    19. Dressed up with a collared shirt...

    (plus Eggbert, the expectant teen mom's ultimate accessory)

    18. A kooky pattern...

    17. Going mod with some black denim and B&W stripes...

    16. Or accessorized with some sick bling.

    15. Vest + egg situation #2. Not really sure what's going on here but I dig it.

    14. She always found a way to make masculine clothes look mad cute. Because then there were the blazers...

    13. Like this green plaid one, plus a rad bolo tie to seal the deal.

    12. Or this oversized black one, with a classy high-necked secretary blouse.

    11. She also kills it at this "alt-schoolgirl" look.

    10. Just look at that cardigan-collar combo!

    9. Eight months' preg and still as fashion-forward as ever.

    8. Then there were some more straightforward, '80s punk pieces, like these killer acid wash jeans.

    7. This sexy, strappy, Tripp-inspired top.

    6. This cut-off sweatshirt. So DIY.

    5. Or just wearing all black. But don't forget those chains.

    4. But the real gems were her band tees. First we have some Brit-rock with Billy Idol...

    After this episode, maybe it IS a nice day for a white wedding?

    3. ...and the Smiths. Heaven knows she's miserable now that she's 14 and knocked up.

    2. Corrosion of Conformity for the group pic because she DGAF.


    Fun fact: the actress who plays Spike, Amanda Stepto, loves some of these bands IRL.

    1. But possibly the best moment of them all is this one, where she's seen playing with future Degrassi star, Emma Nelson, wearing a SCUM T-SHIRT.

    She's not a regular mom. She's a cool mom.

    With all that music knowledge, it's no wonder Spike went on to marry Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara in a Degrassi Mini.

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    Lookin' fierce as always, Ms. Nelson.