The Many Faces Of Innovation In Business

The days of middle-aged caucasian males running American businesses are behind us. Today, it takes talent from around the world of every race, gender, and ethnic group to propel a company to the next level. Social media and other collaboration tools have aided in the process of creating a global workforce for many companies. The mindset has changed for many, but there's still a staunch desire to keep things as "close to home" as possible for many. Staying with the familiar and safe can work for some, but most businesses can have better success by building a workforce that draws inspiration from a wide range of ideas and experiences. In this infographic by SocialCast, they make a case for diversity in the workforce as well as the use of social collaboration tools to push businesses forward. As with any change, there are barriers, but a well-run company can overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of a strategy based on inclusion rather than the old ways of thinking. Click to enlarge.

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