The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

You’ll never look at Thanksgiving the same way ever again.

By: Julie Borowski (@JulieBorowski)

2. Did you know that the “official” Thanksgiving story isn’t true?

Don’t freak out. Your childhood probably wasn’t a complete lie.

3. You were probably taught that the Pilgrims struggled to survive because of the harsh winter.

4. And because no one, apparently, knew how to farm.

Kinda important to have people who know what they’re doing.

5. But then, the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn and together they celebrated with a huge feast.


6. Actually, that’s not what really happened.

7. The Pilgrims’ Plymouth Plantation is a clear example of the failures of communism.

Yeah, commies.

8. There was no such thing as private property.

On the Plymouth Plantation, all property was held in common. It was illegal to grow your own food! Plantation leaders distributed food and supplies to the Pilgrims based on “equality and need.”

9. Plymouth County Governor William Bradford wrote that, “the taking away of property, and bringing in community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing.”

11. Many Pilgrims refused to work. Many faked sick to get out of work. Many stole food.

There was little incentive to help produce any food. So… let me get this straight. No matter how often I work, I will get the same amount of stuff? Lazy, here I come!

12. There wasn’t enough food. Half of the Pilgrims died in the first year.

Governor William Bradford wrote in this diary, “So as it well appeared that the famine must still ensue the next year, also, if not some way prevented.”

13. It was finally realized that #CommunismFails.

Governor Bradford wrote that the colony was filled with “corruption,” and with “confusion and discontent.”

14. Governor Bradford decided to change course and implement a new economic system.

15. He assigned “every family a parcel of land” to do with it as they saw fit.

Not an ideal system but much better.

16. The results were amazing!

Finally, families could enjoy the fruits of their own labor!

17. Governor Bradford wrote that year, “instead of famine now God gave them plenty.”

He wrote that this system, “had very good success for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been. By this time harvest was come…the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many.”

18. Never again did the Pilgrims face starvation.

They were able to share feasts with others! And even started exporting food!

19. The real story of Thanksgiving shows why freedom works. Most of us have a lot to be thankful for in our lives but don’t forget to be thankful for property rights!

20. Happy Thanksgiving!

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