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    8 Most Passive-Aggressive Government Shutdown Alerts

    The federal government is posting a lot of messages to inform you that they won't be posting any more messages. Here are the most passive-aggressive shutdown alerts so far.

    By Jon Gabriel

    Today, Americans awoke to the dystopian hellscape created by a government shutdown. Did we say shutdown? Okay, it's more of a temporary rollback of non-essential services. Nonetheless, the government wants to assure you that anarchy is sweeping the land.

    1. The White House Goes Dark

    2. Crops spoil in the fields

    3. We have no standards

    4. FLOTUS is silenced

    5. Health is outlawed

    6. Weather or not?

    7. Every highway an autobahn

    8. No government selfies?

    At least one government worker isn't silent today.

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