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    7 Awesome Things That Took Less Time Than

    They had three-and-a-half years and the government still couldn't build an Obamacare website. A lot more awesome things have been done in a lot less time.

    By Jon Gabriel

    March 2010 was a long time ago. "Bad Romance" and "TiK ToK" were screeching up the charts, Hot Tub Time Machine was (kinda) packing multiplexes, and some unspellable Icelandic volcano shut down rich kids' spring break in Europe.

    It also was the month Obamacare was signed into law. One of its most popular promises was an online health insurance exchange that would be as easy to use as Travelocity. Never mind that a private version already existed in, but government tech gurus were going to build an even cooler version. And they had three-and-a-half years to do it!

    As we now know, launched with a fizzle, even as President Obama declared it the Beltway's rival to KAYAK and Amazon. A month later, the site still doesn't work, leaving everyone who promoted Obamacare looking like n00bs.

    The people in charge now say that 42 months wasn't nearly enough time to launch this pretty straightforward site. But once upon a time this country could do some pretty awesome stuff in less than three and a half years. Like what?

    1. The Empire State Building

    2. Defeating the Nazis

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    3. This Thing

    4. The iPhone

    5. The Rose Bowl

    6. This Awesome Baby

    7. Pretty Much Every Website Ever

    If big government can't even build a website that works, how on earth are they going to handle your health care?

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