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    7 Adorable Animals Sad About Obamacare

    Obama's using cute animals to sell the "Adorable Care Act" to a skeptical public. But we found 7 pics that didn't make the cut.

    By Jon Gabriel

    To help sell the "Affordable" Care Act to a skeptical public, the official White House Twitter account is rolling out the Internet's most popular stars: cute animals.

    Promoting an anonymous Tumblr called Adorable Care Act, the administration is using kitties, puppies and pandas to promote Obamacare. Your tax dollars at work!

    Thankfully, we were able to find seven images that didn't make the cut...

    1. Sad Baby Hamster.

    2. Sad Baby Monkey.

    3. Sad Ducklings.

    4. Sad Chicks.

    5. Sad Piglet.

    6. Sad Kitten.

    7. Sad Bunny.